Reptile handler Melbourne

Need a reptile handler?
To find someone who knows their stuff with snakes and lizards isn't easy. The web is littered with people who make false and unverifiable claims of expertise and the like. In Melbourne, Australia, the best known and most respected snake handler is Raymond Hoser. Known for more than three decades as "Australia's Snake Man", he only got that title because of his unrivalled expertise with snakes and other reptiles. His company, Snakebusters, is the market leader for venomous snake and reptile handling courses, reptile shows, kids parties and school reptile displays. Hoser was the first to pioneer kids reptile parties and now there are dozens of companies copying him, not just in Australia, but worldwide. Having said that, copying is all they do. Snakebusters, are the only company in Victoria that will hire out reptile handlers and reptiles that allows people to hold the animals and have genuine "hands-on" reptile interaction.

In terms of safety, Snakebusters have an unsurpassed safety record and are world leaders in OH and S when it comes to reptiles. Whether it's with the world's first vet-certified surgically devenomized snakes used in deadly snake displays, or the best snake handling methods for venomous snakes that still have venom, Hoser's company is world's best.

Using Snakebusters, for ideas and help in implementing exciting hands-on school incursions is yet another area Snakebusters remain in huge demand for.

Government-run zoos have for years been seeking to stop Snakebusters from doing hands-on reptile displays because of the fact they cannot compete with the expert displays that are routine for Snakebusters. Snakes in the hands of students are always a recipe for a better educational outcome rather than a fleeting glance of part of a snake hidden under a rock in a cage at a zoo.

For the most entertaining and educational school shows in Melbourne why not visit Snakebusters: Australia's best reptiles. They provide exciting reptile shows in schools, holiday programs, kids parties, corporate shows and events, bringing in animals such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles, frogs and even the world's deadliest snakes! Snakebusters staff are fully trained by Australia's snake man Raymond Hoser. Remember, Snakebusters are Australia's ONLY hands on reptiles shows. If it isn't Snakebusters, then it's a risk!